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Location: Toms River, New Jersey
Website: https://startdayone.org

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Everyone knows the concept of living life to the fullest but it is impossible to reach because it is human nature to take life for granted. Just like everyone knows to maintain their physical health by exercising and eating a healthy diet to prevent obesity, depression is a result of bad mental health that happens very gradually. Just like bad physical health, we are all susceptible to a suicidal state of mind which begins with complaining. Most suicide organizations believe that suicide prevention is asking people to ask for help when they become suicidal. That’s like waiting to weigh 500 lbs. before making the initiative to lose the weight. That is not prevention. Ricardo J. Zulueta, Jr., co-founder of Start Day One, lost his brother to suicide. One of the biggest thing that he learned was that people don’t get suicidal simply because of their experience of a bad situation, but mostly because of their lack of any other perspective. We need to change people’s perspective. We believe that true suicide prevention requires a more proactive approach by interacting and inspiring people before they begin complaining, abusing drugs or alcohol, or being suicidal. We want to raise funds to help change people’s perspective to maintain a healthier mindset. This can be done offline by motivational speakers attending high schools, military bases, rehab centers or motivational uplifting events that will help people. We also plan on producing motivational content to help our audience maintain a positive perspective. With your help, we will be able to reach out to people before they begin any suicidal tendencies.


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Our goal is to build some brand awareness about our non-profit organization to acquire more supporters and to donate to our cause by spreading our unique story and our message about our philosophy for suicide prevention. Please go to our website to learn more...

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We want people to know that everything we are currently doing for suicide prevention is wrong. A pro-active approach is more effective than waiting to look for symptoms of depression or suicidal tendencies.

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It would be great to get your testimonial about why you're advocating for mental health and telling your experience or story about your association with mental health and suicide prevention.


Some extra incentives we can provide some 50 free wristbands to the 1st 25 comments. We will give you 10 free wristbands for distribution at your discretion. We will share your social media channels to build your reputation for supporting a charity.

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Please include our motto: "Start Day One's mission is to help change people's perspective from dreaming of one day to starting day one." Please include these hashtags: #startdayone #nonprofit #charity #suicideprevention #mentalhealth #mentalwellness

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