Paid Exposure

Location: Toms River, New Jersey
Website: https://paidexposure.com

Company Description

Influencer marketing has become very popular due to the rising use of ad-blockers and the effectiveness of working with influencers to get the attention of their audience. But nothing exists that actually help influencers to manage and grow their own business.

Most influencers waste a lot of time negotiating the prices and details of potential promotions.

Our mission is to empower anyone to become entrepreneurs by getting paid for promoting sponsors seeking valuable exposure with a platform to manage and scale your own business.

Paid Exposure is the first marketplace with tools that actually helps influencers manage and grow their own business by saving them time with a platform that can finalize transactions within 24 hours and by making them more money with a marketplace that connects them with sponsors.


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Campaign Goal

We want to introduce our platform to other influencers and content creators who are looking to get more sponsors or struggling to monetize their followers.

Campaign Message

Please mention that Paid Exposure is the first platform that actually helps influencers manage and grow their own business. It's FREE to sign up.

Key Objectives



You can mention that you're just trying out our platform to help you with your own business to get sponsors to help you keep providing great content for your followers or provide your followers with discounts, free products or give-away. It would be great if you can mention some of the pain and struggles that you have personally experienced when dealing with sponsors.


We will promote your promotion on our social media channels and also a paid ad that can get you more exposure to gain followers. Any of your followers who sign up will be able to join our private facebook group to connect with other influencers to discuss strategies/tips to increase your income.

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Please include our motto in your content: "Promoters get paid. Sponsors get exposure." Include the following hashtags: #paidexposure #influencerplatform #influencermarkplace #influencermarketing #entrepreneur

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