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Company Description

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Receive free products and make money for sharing with your followers.
Brands Galore
Discover hundreds of brands all in one place. No contracts, no complicated affiliate links.
Get your Live On
Create unique content, not just another picture on Instagram.
Grow Followers
Use your product passion to expand your base.

Spin Live is a shopping-first, shopping-only social network which focuses on product discovery and impulse purchases through highly interactive, playful livestreams. The merchandising, checkout, payment and community is integrated into one, seamless video experience.

Retailers partner with influencers who can stream to their followers. The goal is to have you leverage your own sales and social marketing skills to become major influencers within the Spin app itself.

Once you receive and test the products, you go live on the app to conduct a review or demo, where shoppers watching can watch live, ask questions, receive discounts and purchase directly through the app.

We are building a team of dedicated micro-influencers to grow with our startup that will change the livestreaming e-commerce industry with the fusion of shopping and entertainment. If that's you, then please join our agency!

After just four months online, Spin Live is signing up between 20 to 40 new brands and retailers each day, fueling a 45% weekly, live merchant growth rate.

Relevant Keywords

Make sure to include all the relevant keywords that can help us find you. Here are some examples that might help:

  • Niche/Categories - Industry, niche, or categories
    (fitness, fashion, marketing, health, food, beauty, action sports, etc.)
  • Characteristics - Physical description or characteristics like hair color, ethnicity, physique
    (blonde hair, Hispanic, brown eyes, muscular, tattoos, pregnant, etc.)
  • Interests - Topics of interest, occupation, hobbies, activities, teams
    (mother, entrepreneur, model, parenting, surfing, skateboarding, football, photography, mental health, etc.)
  • Special Features - Unique characteristics, skills, or accomplishments
    (NFL player, Olympic athlete, Harvard Graduate, Tattoo Model, etc.)


Budget amount per each promoter


Market Reach


Campaign Goal

Sales of the products you're promoting

Campaign Message

You will have to apply and be accepted to join our platform. We are looking for Instagram influencers who love LIVE video and believe like we do, influencers are the new retailers. We want a collaborative partnership, where you are live on our platform building your brand and audience alongside us!

Key Objectives

Sales - measure sales revenue


You can use the short live video clips to showcase your brand,voice and personality.


$5 off, $15 or more "GIFT5"

Post caption description

https://spin.live/influencer/apply We are seeking only 10 influencers to apply to join our network "Spinfluencer Squad". As a Spinfluencer, you our brands will gift products to you in the beauty, fashion and skincare niche, and then you will take those products and create live content on our App. It then can be shared to your social to promote! We offer commissions up to 40%.

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