Location: Medford, New Jersey
Website: thepizzapocket.com

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Creator of the Pizza Pocket Hoodie


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I would like to convert sales of the pizza pocket hoodie on thepizzapocket.com as well as on Amazon. I'd also like to bring exposure to the brand behind the hoodie @ScrapTownUSA.

Campaign Message

The pizza pocket hoodie is currently running a Valentines Day Sale and is available on both Amazon and ThePizzaPocket.com. The pizza pocket hoodie was created for pizza lovers everywhere to be able to carry their slices with them wherever they go.

Key Objectives



The hoodie is silly so please have fun with it. Put your favorite slice inside the pocket and show how you are able to pull it out of the insulated pouch included with the hoodie.


Follow @ScrapTownUSA for the next Pizza Pocket Hoodie giveaway

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The Pizza Pocket Hoodie is the greatest hoodie for pizza lovers! You can literally carry pizza with you wherever you go! The hoodie's zipper pocket comes with a pizza pouch that keeps your pizza warm for hours. 🍕 VALENTINES DAY SALE STARTS NOW! . . Follow @ScrapTownUSA for the next Pizza Pocket Hoodie giveaway! . . . . #pizzapockethoodie #pizzapocket #pizza #pizzatime #pizzahoodie #🍕

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Aleen Johnson Instagram Accepted Feb 10, 2020 Fulfilled