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Company Description

At GellyBand, preventing the spread of Covid-19 and germs comes first. We’re a passionate team dedicated to protecting against the spread of infectious diseases and viruses. We are creating products that help save lives. We understand that during this current pandemic, how important it is to do everything possible to stay healthy and safe. We are developing innovative ways to remain protected. The GellyBand product helps to improve health hygiene practices with simple things like hand washing, hand sanitizing habits by providing immediate access to your preferred hand disinfectant, soaps, and any liquids stored in the GellyBand for instant use. GellyBand is a tool to help prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria. 


Budget amount per each promoter


Market Reach


Campaign Goal

Creating awareness about Gellyband and how we are helping to prevent the spread of the COVID-19.

Campaign Message

Mention "Our Story" and our mission. Mention "Your Story" - Your own concerns about the pandemic, germs, etc. Solution.

Key Objectives



Show people's bad hygiene and how you might contract germs, viruses, etc. Ex. Someone coughing on their hand and then shaking someone else's hand. Exchanging money with a cashier. Etc. Story 1 - a creative portrayal of the gellyband product in the story; emphasizing health and saving lives. sending them to discount sale on website. Story 2 - Pictures of Gellyband with you advocating for the brand. Image Feed Post - Full body pic of you with the Gellyband product on hand showcasing to customers. IGTV - storytelling - document your experience with covid and encourage followers to purchase accordingly.


Free Gellyband product for you and a 20% discount code for your followers.

Post caption description

Please include our slogan in the caption: "Preventing the spread of germs and infectious diseases with stylish wristbands." Please include these hashtags: #gellyband #hygiene #pandemic #covid19 #disinfectant #handsanitizer

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chanelle garrow Instagram Accepted Oct 15, 2020 Fulfilled
Stacie Connerty Instagram Canceled Oct 8, 2020 Fulfilled
Maria Papadakis Instagram Canceled Oct 6, 2020 Fulfilled
Maria Papadakis Youtube Accepted Oct 6, 2020 Fulfilled
Maria Papadakis Youtube Accepted Sep 24, 2020 Fulfilled
Maria Papadakis Instagram Accepted Sep 24, 2020 Fulfilled
Carla Outes Instagram Accepted Sep 21, 2020 Fulfilled
Kristen Zulueta Tiktok Accepted Sep 17, 2020 Fulfilled
Carla Outes Instagram Canceled Sep 17, 2020 Fulfilled
Maria Papadakis Instagram Canceled Sep 16, 2020 Fulfilled