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Fargo Influencers is a marketing agency that is dedicated to working with local influencers who live, work, and play in Fargo who are interested in introducing companies, brands, or products to their loyal followers.

We work with national and international brands who want to get advertising exposure to our local community. We also work with local businesses, such as clothing stores, restaurants, etc., who want to give back to their own community of local influencers.

We have a strong presence with the local community and we have the advantage of dedicating our services that will benefit any company, brand or sponsor with our knowledge that can provide the most valuable exposure.

ATTENTION LOCAL INFLUENCERS: Join our team of influencers to get the education and the training to make some extra money on the side or to build your own business as an influencer on a full-time basis that can grow into promoting national brands.


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Campaign Goal

Our goal is just to increase more awareness about Your Day By Nicole to the local community.

Campaign Message

Your Day By Nicole is a fashion-forward all-encompassing bridal boutique for the creative bride wanting a one-of-a-kind experience.

Key Objectives



It would be great if promoters can capture photos and videos trying on different dresses from different amazing wedding venues around town in Fargo.


We're giving away a complimentary accessory for promoters and a discount for the followers. (TBT)

Post caption description

Your Day by Nicole is an all-encompassing bridal store in downtown Fargo, ND that was born out of a desire to support each bride's uniqueness and creativity. In our shop, you will discover one-of-a-kind engagement & wedding bands, bridal & bridesmaid gowns as well as complementary accessories.

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