Battle River Brewing

Location: Toms River, NJ
Website: https://battleriverbrewing.com

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Company Description


Battle River Brewing was founded by five close friends, some family that valued great experiences along with good drinks. So, the focus became to build a craft brewery that put out delicious, creative beers. The location was chosen after a study of the local Toms River area and the determination of a need for a craft brewery in the historic downtown as the community regularly gathers in the area for celebrations, festivals, and parades.

Breweries have become symbolic of rebuilding underserved areas and Toms River Township has made a concentrated effort to redevelop and revitalize Downtown Toms River. The group worked with township officials and then brought a local brewer to the team to bring this vision to reality.

The partners took on an extensive rehabilitation project of this 100 plus year-old building, modernizing parts of the building up to current code while maintaining the character and historical significance.

The name, Battle River Brewing, was also carefully chosen to represent the community that we service. During the American Revolutionary War, Toms River was an important area for colonial militias and was part of a famous battle where Captain Joshua Huddy was captured and later hanged. This complicated the peace negotiations that were going on at the time. You can find the park that bears his name only one short block away.

Mission: a destination where consumers come together to learn about and enjoy a wide variety and flavors of craft beers.


  • Commitment to Success: The general partners are committed to the prosperity and growth of the organization.
  • Quality of Product: Produce the highest quality of product through the commitment to procuring quality raw materials with the newest brewing technologies.
  • Pledge to Local Economy: To ensure the continued operations, our local general partnership group will work and support the local area.
  • Effective Distribution Network: Establish relationships with retail distribution operators.



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