Awuzie International Limited

Location: Ikeja, LA
Website: https://google.com

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Company Description

We sell musical instruments and studio equipments


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Campaign Goal

Our goal is to spread awareness about our message and to introduce our brand to more people by providing them with inspirational stories that can help them improve their mindset.

Campaign Message

Please be sure to read the page "About Us" on our website to get a better understanding of our mission and our message. Everyone knows the concept of living life to the fullest but it's human nature to take life for granted. Our brand reminds and persuades you to make the decision to live life and take more risks.

Key Objectives

Sales - measure sales revenue


We'd love for you to just explain what you read "About Us" on our website in your own words. Try to relate our message with a personal experience or story. Please mention why you support our brand and our mission to help inspire and motivate people to improve their mental health. It'd be great to also talk about our apparel and what you think about the positive reminders associated with our brand. You can also mention the founder's experience with losing his brother to suicide and how he learned that our mindset is influenced by our perspectives. We'd love it if you can take pictures outdoors.


Please sign up at the link provided to get your own unique affiliate 15% discount code and URL link so you can automatically track sales, where you can make 15% on all sales. We will give you free products for content. We'd also like to give you free apparel for giveaways to your followers!

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Sales of musical instruments

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