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Paid Exposure | Instagram Influencer Marketing by @its0nly_chaos for Jan 3, 2019

Jan 3, 2019

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This is the standard promotion without any add-ons included.

WHAT will you do to promote your sponsors?

I will be posting 3 stories that are included in your promotion and 1 feed post. I'll be sure to read your suggestions to see what I will be able to do for you. My videos are very authentic so I can definitely discuss your brand the best way possible.

Not included: Travel expenses. If long-distance travel is required for promotion.

WHO are your followers?
My followers are mostly tattoo lovers and fun-loving people who loves some edgy content.

WHY should sponsors choose you?
I have about 14,000 followers and growing! I don't take my sponsors for granted and will definitely do my best to return the sponsorship with some love for allowing me to do what I love doing! I sometimes do extra things for my sponsors and I will definitely recommend anything that might attract more attention to your brand.

HOW will you promote your sponsors?
I love doing photo shoots so I will find a way to promote your brand within the images. I also love talking to my fans so I will rock out your brand and tell my supporters why they should give my sponsors some love!

WHEN will you promote your sponsors?
On the day of your sponsorship, I will probably distribute the content at different times of the day to give you more exposure to different people.