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Paid Exposure | Instagram Influencer Marketing by @easyguycooking for Jan 20, 2019

Jan 20, 2019

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This is the standard promotion without any add-ons included.

WHAT will you do to promote your sponsors?

My standard campaign is one permanent feed post and 2 IG Stories. They will include engaging copywriting that we create, and up to 30 hashtags. You can provide your own hashtags or I can use hashtags based on my best judgment.

WHO are your followers?
Foodies, food bloggers/entrepreneurs, or parents. Often with an interest in health and wellness.

WHY should sponsors choose you?
If you’re looking to get your brand in front of foodies, food bloggers/entrepreneurs, or parents, then we would be a fit to collaborate.

HOW will you promote your sponsors?
Your product can be featured in unboxing, flat lays image, in use, at home or on the go. Whatever makes sense for how the audience would be most interested in it so that your brand will get more aligned attention.

WHEN will you promote your sponsors?
I will post content about my sponsors at the best time during the day of your sponsorship.

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  • Tips
  1. Book in advance
    Make sure you give the promoter enough time to plan and execute the promotion, especially if you want to send promotional materials (t-shirt to wear, products to promote, banner to show, etc.)

  2. Trust your promoter
    There's a reason that your promoter has been able to gain a strong following. Let them know your goals and your suggestions for each sponsored promotion but you need to trust that the promoter will be looking out for your best interest. They want you to come back!

  3. Repeat promotions are more effective
    We recommend that you sponsor more than one date because you don't really see any results with just one post. Their followers need to see your brand repeatedly for you to really gain the most benefits. But make sure they're at least one week apart!

  4. Include benefits for the followers
    Your promotions would make more impact if you can provide the promoter with some kind of gift (not just a discount) for their followers. You can provide free giveaways, complementary gits for a number of followers, etc. Your promoter will love you for it!

  5. Give your promoter some love
    Make sure that you also give your promoter some exposure on your social media to give your promotions more exposure. Your promoter will definitely appreciate it too.