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Paid Exposure | Influencer Marketing by @thebrandonmor for Apr 14, 2019

Apr 14, 2019

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*This is the standard promotion without any add-ons included.


  1. Add to Cart all the dates when you want to be promoted
  2. If the promoter DENIES your offer, you will get a refund w/in 24 hours.
  3. If the promoter ACCEPTS your offer, you will receive an email w/in 24 hours and you can continue to discuss the details of your promotion.
  4. Once everything is finalized, the promotion is launched on the booking date.
  5. After the promotion, you will rate and write a review of your promotion and your experience with the promoter.
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Name: Brandon Moreland
Instagram: @thebrandonmor
Location: Wailuku, HI

10 or more keywords that describe you to sponsors:
photographer, model, explore, fashionable, inspirational, motivational, fitness, traveler, adventurous, creative

All the companies I have worked with have been an ongoing partnership. I strive to make the best content possible (which should b expected)  in order to work on an ongoing basis.

WHAT will you do to promote your sponsors?
Direct Posts (photo) can be purchased for a Standard Promotion with 2 additional story posts. The posts will be organic and follow my posting trend to not make it appear fake and misleading.

Not included: Travel expenses. If long-distance travel is required for promotion.

WHO are your followers?
models, fashion influencers, travel influencers, photographers, fitness influencers, clothing brands, creators

WHY should sponsors choose you?
You should pick me and not others in my field because I have loyal followers and I reach about 3.5 thousand people per day. I also have a high engagement rate on Instagram. This means that I actually talk with my followers and engage with them on a daily bases. I treat my followers as my friends not just as another number or someone that "likes" my pictures.

HOW will you promote your sponsors?
I will be promoting my sponsors through Instagram in the most effective way that would help my sponsors reach their goal.

WHEN will you promote your sponsors?
I will be posting Instagram posts at 9 AM on the day of their promotion.
  1. Book in advance
    Make sure you give the promoter enough time to plan and execute the promotion, especially if you want to send promotional materials (t-shirt to wear, products to promote, banner to show, etc.)

  2. Trust your promoter
    There's a reason that your promoter has been able to gain a strong following. Let them know your goals and your suggestions for each sponsored promotion but you need to trust that the promoter will be looking out for your best interest. They want you to come back!

  3. Repeat promotions are more effective
    We recommend that you sponsor more than one date because you don't really see any results with just one post. Their followers need to see your brand repeatedly for you to really gain the most benefits. But make sure they're at least one week apart!

  4. Include benefits for the followers
    Your promotions would make more impact if you can provide the promoter with some kind of gift (not just a discount) for their followers. You can provide free giveaways, complementary gits for a number of followers, etc. Your promoter will love you for it!

  5. Give your promoter some love
    Make sure that you also give your promoter some exposure on your social media to give your promotions more exposure. Your promoter will definitely appreciate it too.