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Advantages of influencer marketing

There are so many media platforms that grab the attention of users since they have so many choices of unlimited content. This makes it increasingly more difficult for brands to reach their audience. By working directly with promoters, brands can integrate their content and get the attention of their followers. That is why it is much better to give promoters the freedom to create the content to maintain authenticity with their audience.

Benefits of Paid Exposure

  • Choose the perfect promoter
    Filter your search by # of followers, % of engagement rate, keywords, demographics, location, ratings & reviews from past sponsors, pricing, and social media channels. Then review their detailed profile listings that include all of the information you need to make a decision.

  • Automatically Schedule Promotions
    It's like booking a hotel room, where you can book the available dates provided by promoters and automatically schedules when you want promoters to promote your brand or product.

  • Sponsor History & Reviews
    You can gain more insight into promoters by seeing their past performance history with sponsors along with their ratings & reviews of past promotions.

  • Choose extra add-on services
    You can add some extra services that the promoter is willing to do on top of the standard promotion, like extra stories, edited videos, public appearances, etc.

  • Creative Content
    Get great content produced by promoters that you can share on your social media accounts to gain exposure to their large number of followers and/or enhance the image of your brand or increase sales.

  • 24-hour Confirmation
    You will get a notification within 24 hours if the promoters have accepted your offer so you don't have to waste time wondering and scheduling promoters.

  • Associate Campaign Details
    You can associate different campaigns to each promoter that includes your goals, key objectives, suggestions, incentives (discounts, giveaways, etc.), links, and caption description (#tags, tag lines, etc.).

  • Communication
    You don't have to provide your personal contact information by communicating within our messaging system to discuss other details of your promotions.

  • Quality Assurance
    You will be able to rate and leave a review of your experience after your promotion has been fulfilled. This will increase quality and ensure promoters create great content for sponsors.

  • Accountability
    We will not distribute the funds to promoters until they have successfully launched their promotions and unless there are any disputes.


  1. Trust your promoter
    There's a reason that your promoter has been able to gain a strong following. Let them know your goals and your suggestions for each sponsored promotion but you need to trust that the promoter will be looking out for your best interest. They want you to come back!

  2. Repeat promotions are more effective
    We recommend that you sponsor more than one date because you don't really see any results with just one post. Their followers need to see your brand repeatedly for you to really gain the most benefits. But make sure they're spread out!

  3. Include benefits for the followers
    Your promotions would make more impact if you can provide the promoter with some kind of gift (not just a discount) for their followers. You can provide free giveaways, complementary gits for a number of followers, etc. Your promoter will love you for it!

  4. Give your promoter some love
    Make sure that you also give your promoter some exposure on your social media to give your promotions more exposure. Your promoter will definitely appreciate it too.