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Are you wasting a lot of time finding the right influencers?

So, you've heard about influencer marketing but you're learning that it's taking a lot of time finding the right influencers. Even when you find the right ones, you're not sure how to keep them accountable for their work.
There are so many platforms for influencer marketing but you still have the same issues. You have to go back-and-forth about pricing and the details of the promotion.
What if there was a platform that gave you all of the information you need to make a decision, where the transactions are finalized within 24 hours?
It's the most efficient platform that allows you to find the perfect influencers and manage them without wasting any time.
Here's how it works...


Create a Profile
You can create a profile with general information about your company and create campaigns for different influencers.
You can also show your promoter history, and ratings & reviews from other promoters, budget per influencer, and all the information a promoter needs to work with you.

Search for Promoters

You can use outreach by simply sending a link to influencers on social media to your profile or find existing promoters in our marketplace.


Or you can filter your search on our marketplace of promoters by demographics, # of followers, engagement rate, keywords, location, prices, view other sponsors' promoter history, and a lot more so you can find the perfect promoter!

Review Promoters
You can view all of the information you need about each promoter to make a decision and review the details of their services.
You will be also able to see their ratings and reviews from past sponsors to make sure you only work with the right promoters.
Finalize Transactions
Pay & book dates on their calendar, where promoters must accept or deny your offer within 24 hours to finalize the transaction so you don't waste more time!
To protect you from fraud, we pay promoters after the promotions have been fulfilled, unless there are any disputes!
You'll be able to manage all offers associated with a specific campaign for each promoter on a calendar and use our messaging system to keep your contact information private.
Launch Promotion
You will be able to discuss other details about your promotion in our messaging system and keep track of all your conversations within each offer.
Then just sit back and relax as promoters automatically launch the promotions on the scheduled booking dates.
You can manage all of your marketing campaigns on your calendar to keep track of all your offers for each promoter.
Review Promotions
You will get automatic notifications immediately after the promotions have been fulfilled so you don't have to keep track of it!
Then you will give the promoters a rating and write a review on your experience in working with each other.