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Paid Exposure | Influencer Marketing Promoter

What are the benefits of being a promoter?

  • Stop wasting time
    Simply send a link to your detailed profile with all of the information a sponsor needs to make a decision without having to waste time going back-and-forth before finalizing a transaction.

  • Get more sponsors
    Gain more credibility to get new sponsors by building your trust and showing past sponsors with ratings and reviews.

  • Stay authentic
    Control the details of the promotion to effectively promote your sponsors by only taking suggestions from sponsors while maintaining authenticity with your followers.

  • Choose your sponsors
    You can simply accept or deny any sponsors so that you only endorse brands and companies that you think resonates with your followers.

  • Automatically schedule promotions
    Our calendar booking method lets you know exactly when you have to promote your sponsors to prevent any scheduling issues.

  • Gain credibility
    Your sponsor history with their ratings and reviews will give you the credibility to increase your value for future sponsors.

  • Extra add-on services
    Give your sponsors more options for any size budget by adding extra add-on services like extra stories, videos, public appearances or anything else you can do for sponsors for an extra charge.