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Are you struggling to get more sponsors?

You've worked so hard to get a lot of followers and now you're probably doing everything you can to increase your engagement. And if you're like most influencers, you're probably frustrated about wasting even more time just trying to get the right sponsors.
There are so many platforms about influencer marketing but they really only benefit sponsors and not influencers. You're just sitting there waiting and hoping that sponsors actually reach out to you.
What if there was a platform that was geared for influencers where you have the tools to help you grow and manage your business? No, this is not one of those influencer training seminars or another course on how to be the best influencer.
It's a real platform that empowers influencers with tools and everything else they need to get more sponsors.
Here's how it works...


Create a Profile
You can create a promoter profile with all of the information a sponsor needs to make a decision.
You can show your background, prices, sponsor history and ratings & reviews from other sponsors.

Search for Sponsors

You can use outreach by simply sending a link to your profile or find sponsors in our marketplace.


You can filter your search by keywords, location or check out other promoters' past sponsors in the same niche as you.

Review Campaigns
You can view all of the information about each sponsor and review the details of their campaigns.
You will be also able to see their ratings and reviews from past promoters to make sure you only work with the right sponsors.
Accept Offers
Sponsors pay & book dates on your calendar and you simply accept or deny them within 24 hours so you don't waste time.
You'll be able to track all offers from each sponsor on a calendar and use our messaging system to keep your contact information private.
Launch Promotion
Then you simply launch the promotion on the scheduled date for each sponsor.
You can view your sales information and analytics with marketing tools that will help you grow and manage your business.
Receive Payment
Since the sponsors already paid in advance, you will always get paid, unless there are any disputes.
Then you and the sponsor will give each other a rating and write a review on your experience with each other.
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