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  • Name: Todd Giannattasio

  • Instagram: @easyguycooking

  • Location: Montclair, NJ

  • 10 or more keywords that describe you to sponsors.
    cooking, foodie, food blogger, entrepreneur, dad, parenting, lifestyle, health, wellness, recipes, eating

  • What persuaded you to become an influencer?
    People seemed to like the content I was putting out, and it just seemed to snowball. When brands started reaching out to me to send me free products I thought it was cool

  • Why do you want to be an influencer?
    I'm happy to connect a good company that I like to my audience when it’s aligned and makes sense, and if I can get paid for doing it then even better.

  • What do (did) you do aside from being an influencer?
    I am an entrepreneur running a marketing agency, Tresnic Media. I'm also building a startup, Growth Suite. I am the marketing advisor for Propelify.

  • What are some of your interests and favorite hobbies?
    Being with my wife and daughter. Eating. Cooking. Creating content and building communities.