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  • What persuaded you to become an influencer?
    We were just chronicling our sabbatimoon around the world and started sharing updates on our couples Instagram @wedidthat - it turned into a fun way to work with brands and businesses as we traveled.

    It all started when two teenagers met on a blind double date over a decade ago. We fell in love, moved to San Francisco, and had a wedding festival.

    After founding and selling two startups and helping a third grow into a Silicon Valley unicorn, we left everything behind to take a sabbatimoon around the world. One-way ticket. No end date. Sharing every milestone and hiccup along the way with our followers.

    Our aim is to make it the world's farthest honeymoon. We started in January 2018 and have already traveled 53K+ miles (85K+ kilometers) — enough to circumnavigate the world 2X — while visiting 5 continents and 40 countries. And that’s just 2018…

  • Why do you want to be an influencer?
    Now it makes sense for us to share our stories and record our adventures because we are living a travel lifestyle and want to show how it’s possible for anyone to do this too.

  • What do (did) you do aside from being an influencer?
    We are techies from San Francisco. We’ve been working on startups like Lyft and Storefront. As we travel we also help startup ecosystems and entrepreneurs.

  • What are some of your interests and favorite hobbies?
    Dogs, music, art, costumes