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Paid Exposure | Estimated Earnings per Post & Engagement for Instagram Influencer @minniemariamouse

Estimated Earnings per Post & Engagement as of December  3, 2018

59 promotions
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  • Name: Maria Papadakis
  • Instagram@minniemariamouse
  • # of Followers: 11,604
  • City, State: Jet Setter:) All around the Globe every few months due to husband's job as a professional Soccer player, and always Nov. to March in Florida.

  • 10 or more keywords that describe you to sponsors.
    Pop culture, Disney, Fashion, Movies, Travel, Adventures, Entertainment, Food, Toys, Fitness, Sci-Fi/Comics/Fantasy/Horror, Theme Parks, Sports, Cosplay, animals
  • What persuaded you to become an influencer?
    It happened by accident. My love for Disney and Pop Culture (comics, movies, etc) inspired me to start a Disney/pop culture inspired account,  and within 9 months it has grown to almost 12,000 followers. I found that Disney was a common language globally. Everyone understands numbers, music, and ironically Mickey Mouse and Disney; no matter what religion, language, or country you are from you understand and can connect.

    Disney and Pop culture lovers are the majority of people in general. It is very difficult to find many people to say the dislike Disney movies or Pop Culture phenomena. So MANY advertisers of all types have targeted this market for that reason but also due to the followers of this group having a MEGA "brand loyalty and fanaticism".

    The Disney and pop culture subgroup are die hard. I have thousands of followers from across the globe, averaging thousands of likes to AT LEAST 150 comments per post. This is comparable to accounts 10 to 15 times my size in the Disney to pop culture genre. So we see the brand and my own brand loyalty just by reading a post and its response. 

  • Why do you want to be an influencer?
    I enjoy inspiring people. The one common comment you'll read in my post is "you inspired me to ..." and what bigger honor than inspiring someone, whether it be fashion, trip advice, and more. Also, another comment I get on the majority of my posts from others is "Your post makes me happy". The way I deliver content I focus on hopefully putting smiles on people's faces and we notice they come back to visit my page even when I'm not posting.

  • What do (did) you do aside from being an influencer?
    I used to be a full-time and Emmy awared-winning television personality for NBC and FOX Philadelphia doing arts and entertainment, as well as sports. I also had my own column in the third largest newspaper the Philadelphia Inquirer called Papadakis Picks and a TV show, as well as radio segment, called Out and About.

    I currently freelance for different networks since we move a lot for my husband's work but I do a lot of speaking engagements as well and spokesperson work for over 20 different organizations and companies, and have made over 500 speeches and hosted over 700 events nationally and internationally.

    One super useful fact that may have helped me have such a huge growth and diehard following is I have an MBA from Drexel University (One of the top 30 business schools currently in the country) and have a background in marketing. I created the Fall in Love campaign for Subaru that is over 10 years running.

  • What are some of your interests and favorite hobbies?
    Disney, theme parks, fashion, travel, sports, animals, movies; basically all my keywords I showcase above are also my hobbies I showcase on my page.

  • Summary
    If you're looking for someone who has a strong following with the Disney and pop culture, then I'm your perfect promoter! She was an Emmy award-winning television personality for NBC and FOX Philadelphia and had her own column at the Philadelphia Inquirer! Her love for Disney definitely resonates with her fans from around the globe.