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  • Name: Kristen Graham
  • Instagram@kgrahamsfb
  • # of Followers: 143,806
  • City, State: Toms River, NJ
  • 10 or more keywords that describe you to sponsors.
    athlete, Crossfit, motivation, strongman, girls who lift, model, fitness model, nutrition, entrepreneur, travel, foodie, wine, fashion, vlog, youtube, sexy, sporty, snakes, reptiles, beard lover

  • What persuaded you to become an influencer?
    My passion has been in fitness for years. When I realized people trusted me and believed in me, the influence started to happen and I never looked back. Things kept coming, more sports, more passions, more angles. The past year I began vlogging and absolutely love doing it.

  • Why do you want to be an influencer?
    I believe that there are a lot of products and services available that are unknown to the public because the world is crowded by what is popular now and we may not be able to see what else is out there. Being an influence means I can help companies get their word and their passion out there. Passion is exciting.

  • What do (did) you do aside from being an influencer?
    Until last year, I ran a 64 million dollar budget for a state agency.  I am an athlete, an entrepreneur and an influencer.

  • What are some of your interests and favorite hobbies?
    I love sports, weightlifting, soccer, throwing a football, etc. Traveling and cooking are big hobbies of mine. My husband and I breed ball pythons and boa constrictors (snakes) and we have a bearded dragon we are quite fond of. Nature, animals, it all pulls on my heartstrings.

  • Summary
    I have been a competitive athlete since 2014 and became a fitness model shortly thereafter. I love to travel and engage my following, have fun and meet new people. Tell me what to try or where to go next, let me capture it on the vlog and share these experiences with my following while showing everyone what product you have to offer.