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    • Name: Kelly Weaver
    • Instagram: @its0nly_chaos
    • Location: Fieldsboro, NJ
    • 10 or more keywords that would describe you to sponsors.
      tattoos, tattooed model, lingerie, grunge, goth, satanic, girls who smoke, vape, clothing, makeup, horror
    • What persuaded you to become an influencer?
      Pushing the boundaries of what’s accepted or expected in regards to how women are supposed to look and act. I’ll jump at the opportunity to break the mold that society has created.

    • Why do you want to be an influencer?
      I receive a lot of messages from all genders but especially females who say things like “you’re perfect” “you’re goals” “you’ve inspired me” I’m very humble so these types of messages mean a lot. I suffer from severe anxiety, PTSD and a panic disorder since I was 14. I’m not ashamed of it or to speak on it because it’s made me who I am today.

      I am proud of how far I’ve come but I know I'm meant to go much further. We could all go much further and I think that’s a message lots of people need to hear, especially with a mental illness. I think this is very important as an influencer to address these topics.

      In society, we don’t talk about our imperfections because we want to come off as though we have this picture perfect life, which no one has. Art has saved my life. If I can accomplish all that I have and still, being who I am, so can you.

    • What do (did) you do aside from being an influencer?
      I have been in the medical field for over ten years and counting as a CNA/PCT and currently getting my CMA.

    • What are some of your interests and favorite hobbies?
      Well first and for most I love to be in front of the camera, it’s my escape from everything I have going on in my “real life” because I can be and do whatever I want. I love to create. I love art so putting my own spin on things is rewarding with the lots of positive feedback I get from my followers. I love traveling, shopping, spending time with family and my dog who is my world!

    • Summary:
      If you're looking for someone with fun but an edgy image to promote your brand or business, then I'm the one for you! I love promoting my sponsors to my followers. It would be great to offer something for my fans! I'm also available as a promo model at tattoo conventions. I'm very open to suggestions so please sponsor me and let me do what I do best and give my sponsors some love!