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Sales will soon be the Most Valuable Metric for Influencers on Instagram

In the beginning, the # of followers was attractive for getting massive exposure. But with the issue of fake followers, sponsors began observing a different metric, the % of engagement.

But with more and more influencers using engagement bots and pods to increase engagement, sponsors are going to be looking at a different metric to measure the value of an influencer.

As I mentioned in a previous blog, influencers need to transform into becoming entrepreneurs and you better start thinking of what other value you’re providing to sponsors other than just having a lot of followers.

Because now, sponsors are going to have a much more effective metric to measure an influencer’s value; the actual ROI. (at least on Instagram where the sponsors’ goal is sales)

According to an article on Techcrunch, “The spokesperson notes that creators will also receive additional insights with shopping posts, such as engagements and shopping insights. For those who are making a living out of their influencer status, these could help them leverage better deals with those brands, longer term.”

Sponsors will soon no longer have to calculate the value of influencers based on the # of followers or % of engagement. They will be able to measure their return on their investment with actual revenue from their promotions with specific influencers.

I think sponsors are going to be more focused on the effectiveness of an influencer’s ability to generate sales and influencers will be able to price themselves more accurately.

This is going to filter the real influencers. Because this is the most important metric that influencers will not be able to “fake”.

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