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  • Sales will soon be the Most Valuable Metric for Influencers on Instagram

    In the beginning, the # of followers was attractive for getting massive exposure. But with the issue of fake followers, sponsors began observing a different metric, the % of engagement.

    But with more and more influencers using engagement bots and pods to increase engagement, sponsors are going to be looking at a different metric to measure the value of an influencer.

    As I mentioned in a previous blog, influencers need to transform into becoming entrepreneurs and you better start thinking of what other value you’re providing to sponsors other than just having a lot of followers.
  • Influencers Need to be more Entrepreneurial

    You need to start thinking like a media business owner if you want to scale and grow your influencer marketing business. Your followers are definitely important but the sponsors are your customers and that’s who you need to focus on. So be more genuine and create content that’s valuable for sponsors instead of pretending it’s not sponsored. That is real authenticity. Just like any business, you need to diversify your content distribution. Any business that relies on just one channel is being very risky.

    Stop being an influencer. Be an entrepreneur.

  • The Lack of Transparency is Hindering Influencer Marketing

    Just imagine shopping in a store without being able to see the prices or any relevant information about any items. It would be very frustrating having to keep asking questions just to get the basic but necessary information to make a decision.

    Transparency is one of the most important and key ingredients for successful marketplaces. Without it, it would be difficult to connect the supply and demand within the marketplaces. This is what makes the influencer marketing process so time-consuming.

  • How to Start Monetizing your Followers


    The influencer marketing industry has become very competitive since so many people are realizing the potential benefits of being an influencer. So, if you're going to succeed as an influencer, the first thing you need to do is to start treating this seriously as a business.

    From the start, you need to know WHO your followers are because this will determine who your sponsors are going to be. You need to know your niche and think about what makes you different and unique.

  • A Startup to Help Micro-Influencers Run their Business

    I realized a long time ago that micro-influencers were going to be valuable for brands and other businesses. They may not have as many followers a...