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Website: https://www.levelupx10.com/

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Company Description

We have 5 years of digital marketing experience as a digital marketing agency. After several years of helping multiple clients grow their brands to 7 figures, we decided to shift our business model towards acquiring and growing brands ourselves. With the vast resources and experience that we've garnered over the years, we're looking to acquire, grow and exit multiple 7-figure brands in a year's time frame.

Our current focus is to recruit our own team of elite influencers that would be interested in playing a role in building multi-million dollar brands in return we hope to be able to provide a long-term business relationship that would bring huge 6-7 figures contracts to them.

When joining our team, please be sure to include relevant keywords that will allow us to find you for specific brands.

Here are some examples that might help:

  • Niche/Categories - Industry, niche, or categories
    (fitness, fashion, marketing, health, food, beauty, action sports, etc.)

  • Characteristics - Physical description or characteristics like hair color, ethnicity, or physique
    (blonde hair, Hispanic, brown eyes, muscular, tattoos, pregnant, gay, etc.)

  • Interests - Topics of interest, occupation, hobbies, activities, or teams
    (mother, gaming, entrepreneur, modeling, parenting, surfing, skateboarding, giants fan, photography, mental health, etc.)

  • Special Features - Unique characteristics, skills, or accomplishments
    (NFL player, Olympic athlete, Harvard Graduate, tattoo model, etc.)

GoDreasy is one of the brands we're helping to grow their business with influencer marketing.


Budget amount per each promoter


Market Reach


Campaign Goal

To drive sales and expand our brand awareness.

Campaign Message

So here's the timeline that I'd like to suggest. Once you've accepted, I'll need your personal details to send you our product. | Day 0 > Collect Personal info, send product | Day 14 > will take approximately 14 days to reach you | Day 15 - day 17 > a few days for you to prep the ad materials | Day 18 > Go live | Day 19 > get paid In the event that you think this is not a match and reject this campaign, I'd really appreciate if you let me know why and we can hopefully work something out. Besides driving sales, my priorities is to establish a long term working relationship with influencers.

Key Objectives

Sales - measure sales revenue


Video Script Suggestion: - It'd be great if you can refer to the below video as your main script - Video below has proven to be one of the best that brings in sales Video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1q8nT3P2Vo5lCTThiva0Xi1kFemk5136_/view?usp=sharing


10% discounts

Post caption description

- Our brand name - Product Name

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Promoter Keywords:

Adam Pecoraro Instagram Accepted May 18, 2021 Unfulfilled
Senub M. Rah Instagram Pending May 18, 2021 Unfulfilled
Kaitlyn Garcia Instagram Accepted May 16, 2021 Unfulfilled
Senub M. Rah Instagram Pending May 15, 2021 Unfulfilled
Kaitlyn Garcia Instagram Accepted May 15, 2021 Unfulfilled
Kaitlyn Garcia Instagram Accepted May 14, 2021 Unfulfilled
Adam Pecoraro Instagram Accepted May 14, 2021 Unfulfilled
Senub M. Rah Instagram Pending May 12, 2021 Unfulfilled