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Location: Knoxville, TN
Website: https://a3athletics.com/

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Company Description

Central Athletes & Entertainment is a full-service sports agency specializing in football, basketball, and golf representation. We are a team that is willing to do whatever it takes to serve our clients. If it is important to them, then it is important to us. Here are just a few examples of the services we provide:

  • Contract Negotiations
  • NFL Pre Draft Preparation
  • Community Involvement
  • Public Relations
  • Lifestyle Services
  • Professional Services
  • Brand Development
  • Post Career Planning


We are looking for influencers in the sports niche who are interested in connecting with our brand partners to help them achieve their goals and objectives to grow their businesses and brands. We are mostly looking for influencers in the sports niche but some sponsors might have other preferences that can be beneficial.

Make sure to include all the relevant keywords that can help us find you. Here are some examples that might help:

  • Niche/Categories - Industry, niche, or categories
    (fitness, fashion, marketing, health, food, beauty, action sports, etc.)

  • Characteristics - Physical description or characteristics like hair color, ethnicity, or physique
    (blonde hair, Hispanic, brown eyes, muscular, tattoos, pregnant, gay, etc.)

  • Interests - Topics of interest, occupation, hobbies, activities, or teams
    (mother, gaming, entrepreneur, modeling, parenting, surfing, skateboarding, giants fan, photography, mental health, etc.)

  • Special Features - Unique characteristics, skills, or accomplishments
    (NFL player, Olympic athlete, Harvard Graduate, tattoo model, etc.)

We talked about our on-the-field work, now let’s discuss what we do off the field for our clients and their families.



A professional boxer with the mission of giving back to my community of ...


Mc SoFresh. Personal Trainer. Creative. Model. Entrepreneur.


NFL player for the Green Bay Packers


Professional basketball player for the San Diego Guardians of The Basket...


NFL player for the Chiefs and Graduate in Medicine


NFL Player for the Cleveland Browns as a Linebacker


NFL Tight End for the Arizona Cardinals


NFL Cornerback for the Los Angeles Chargers