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Company Description

It’s getting more and more difficult for businesses to get people’s attention, so businesses are looking for ways to get more valuable exposure.

Influencer marketing has gotten popular because of the cost-effectiveness in borrowing trust influencers have with their followers to get their attention.

Because of the lack of trust, the influencer marketing process is VERY time-consuming that typically takes weeks or months to finalize transactions, but nothing really exists that helps influencers build trust, run your own business, and hold you accountable for your services.

All of the problems in the influencer industry stem from influencers yet existing platforms help sponsors and nothing exists that actually help influencers. It's like teaching people how to tattoo instead of helping tattoo artists to master their skills and run their own business.

Our startup, Paid Exposure, helps influencers build trust in the marketplace by applying a system that provides:

  • Transparency
    So sponsors can view detailed profiles that include your background, prices for their services, and everything else you need to make a decision.
  • Credibility
    You can view each influencer's history of sponsors along with ratings and reviews.
  • Accountability
    Your payments are protected since influencers are only paid AFTER a promotion has been fulfilled unless there's a major dispute that requires you to get a refund.

We empower anyone to monetize valuable exposure with a platform to manage your own business and connect with advertising sponsors and agencies to promote brands, products, or services.


By joining our agency, we will add you to our priority list to connect with advertising sponsors and agencies that fit their preferences for their campaigns.

Make sure to include all the relevant keywords that can help us find you. Here are some examples that might help:

  • Niche/Categories - Industry, niche, or categories
    (fitness, fashion, marketing, health, food, beauty, action sports, etc.)

  • Characteristics - Physical description or characteristics like hair color, ethnicity, or physique
    (blonde hair, Hispanic, brown eyes, muscular, tattoos, pregnant, gay, etc.)

  • Interests - Topics of interest, occupation, hobbies, activities, or teams
    (mother, gaming, entrepreneur, modeling, parenting, surfing, skateboarding, giants fan, photography, mental health, etc.)

  • Special Features - Unique characteristics, skills, or accomplishments
    (NFL player, Olympic athlete, Harvard Graduate, tattoo model, etc.)

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Budget amount per each promoter


Market Reach


Campaign Goal

Creating awareness about Gellyband and how we are helping to prevent the spread of the COVID-19.

Campaign Message

Mention "Our Story" and our mission. Mention "Your Story" - Your own concerns about the pandemic, germs, etc. Solution.

Key Objectives



Show people's bad hygiene and how you might contract germs, viruses, etc. Ex. Someone coughing on their hand and then shaking someone else's hand. Exchanging money with a cashier. Etc. Story 1 - a creative portrayal of the gellyband product in the story; emphasizing health and saving lives. sending them to discount sale on website. Story 2 - Pictures of Gellyband with you advocating for the brand. Image Feed Post - Full body pic of you with the Gellyband product on hand showcasing to customers. IGTV - storytelling - document your experience with covid and encourage followers to purchase accordingly.


Free Gellyband product for you and a 20% discount code for your followers.

Post caption description

Please include our slogan in the caption: "Preventing the spread of germs and infectious diseases with stylish wristbands." Please include these hashtags: #gellyband #hygiene #pandemic #covid19 #disinfectant #handsanitizer

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Promoter Keywords:

Budget amount per each promoter


Market Reach


Campaign Goal

We want to introduce our platform to other influencers and content creators who are looking to get more sponsors or struggling to monetize their followers.

Campaign Message

Please mention that Paid Exposure is the first platform that actually helps influencers manage and grow their own business. It's FREE to sign up.

Key Objectives



You can mention that you're just trying out our platform to help you with your own business to get sponsors to help you keep providing great content for your followers or provide your followers with discounts, free products or give-away. It would be great if you can mention some of the pain and struggles that you have personally experienced when dealing with sponsors.


We will promote your promotion on our social media channels and also a paid ad that can get you more exposure to gain followers. Any of your followers who sign up will be able to join our private facebook group to connect with other influencers to discuss strategies/tips to increase your income.

Post caption description

Please include our motto in your content: "Promoters get paid. Sponsors get exposure." Include the following hashtags: #paidexposure #influencerplatform #influencermarkplace #influencermarketing #entrepreneur

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